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At KLU D•Sign Your Story we are primarily looking for your SATISFACTION. We wish and strive so that the experience of buying a KLU D•Sign Your Story product to be at least at the level of your expectations so you receive a High Quality product, at the place you want to be delivered, as quick as possible and at a price level that optimally reflects the quality of the products & services we offer you.

The materials used in the manufacture of KLU D•Sign Your Story products are sourced from world-class suppliers. Before the introduction of a shoe article into the manufacturing process - we test the materials used and where appropriate we request test reports of our suppliers in specialized laboratories. We perform matching tests on the shape and size of the foot and periodically wear the footwear so as to make sure that the product created is Unique and offers an optimal degree of Comfort.

In the production of KLU D•Sign Your Story footwear - we use Clarino ™ man-made leather - a Trademark for artificial leather manufactured by Kuraray Co., Ltd. of Japan to the highest quality standard.

KLU D•Sign Your Story - is a Registered Trademark, the property of KLU DESIGN INTL SRL (KLU DESIGN INTL) - synonymous with high quality products made by skilled artisans - with over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of footwear.


All products sold by KLU DESIGN INTL through the network of physical stores but also through the virtual store – they benefit from warranty conditions in accordance with the legislation in force. The commercial warranty granted is 30 calendar days from the day you or a third party designated by you, other than the carrier, have/ has entered into possession of the product (s).

The warranties are offered to consumers in accordance with Romanian Law no. 449/2003 and G.O. no. 21/1992. In order to benefit from the warranty, the consumer has to comply with the instructions, recommendations and observations included in the warranty certificate.


We guarantee that the purchased product is New / Unused and Genuine - it has elements of trademark identification - and is packed in the original packaging. The product has an average duration of usage of 6 calendar months, provided that at least 2-3 pairs of shoes are worn alternatively. Maintaining a Normal Quality and Performance of the product depends essentially on the maintenance instructions. The signs of wear due to the wearing of the footwear over time are not a defect but are considered normal.

The guarantee is granted on the basis of the proof of purchase of the product - the fiscal receipt or the purchase invoice.

The lack of the warranty certificate of the Goods must be signalled in maximum 48 (forty-eight) hours from the receipt of the goods on the email address: Any subsequent notification will not be taken into account.

In the case of resealed Products, the warranty certificate may cover a different period than the warranty period of the same new, sealed Product. The warranty period is specified in the warranty certificate for each Resealed Product. The conditions of use, handling and transport of a resealed Product are the same as those of the sealed products and benefit from the same services unless otherwise stipulated in the product page.


For defects that you may discover within the 30 days of warranty, please contact us through the online store, the Contact section - in order to send the product for analysis and resolution. When requesting the warranty it is necessary to send the defective product - by courier to KLU DESIGN INTL at the address specified in the Contact section of the virtual store - in the original packaging, together with the related accessories, a copy of the tax invoice and the fiscal receipt or the receipt from the courier. At the same time, please fill in a complaint form with last and first name, telephone contact, the reason for the complaint, the reasons assumed to have led to the complaint and attach it to the other documents in the package in which you send the defective product.


In case the product is returned unaccompanied by these documents, it can be returned to the applicant / sender without KLU DESIGN INTL solving the request for the warranty.

We assure you that we will analyse your situation very carefully - because we are fist concerned about your Satisfaction - and in case the product will be repaired or replaced we will notify you so that you can get/ receive it.

The legal term for ensuring the warranty is 15 days from the receipt of the defective product (Law 449/2003).

The procedure of the complaints related to the package (the product) received by you, related to problems caused by the courier service, the transportation - including the lack of conformity of the product is the following, otherwise it will not be taken into account:

- complaints are sent in advance by email, within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the product by the client (after this time the claim is no longer valid). The email address for the correspondence is specified in the Contact section of the virtual store;

- the product is sent to KLU DESIGN INTL’ location by courier, in the original packaging, together with the related accessories, a copy of the tax invoice and the fiscal receipt or the receipt from the courier, plus a written complaint stating: last in first name of the customer, telephone contact number, the reason for the complaint, the causes assumed causes to have led to the complaint.

In order to resolve the claims and warranties, KLU DESIGN INTL may decide: (i) to repair the claimed product at its expense; (ii) product replacement - if it cannot be repaired; (iii) granting a rebate; (iv) the return of the value of the product, if neither repair nor replacement is possible; (v) dismiss the complaint.

The shipping cost associated with sending the defective product to KLU DESIGN INTL will be borne by you and in the event that the resolution from us is the one of repairing or replacement of the product - we will reimburse you this transportation cost and moreover - we will bear also the cost of sending the repaired / replaced product to you.

No complaint will be taken into consideration if the product has been modified, processed or intervened in any way on it. This listing is not limiting.

The customer is not entitled to claim damages regarding the quality or quantity of the products purchased from KLU DESIGN INTL if he/she has not followed the aforementioned complaint procedure. Nothing in this clause will affect your legal rights as a consumer and / or user or your right to withdraw from the Agreement.


The products are considered compliant if: i) they respect the description offered by us and possess the presentation qualities; ii) are suitable for the purposes for which such products are normally used; iii) they have the parameters of quality and performance that you can expect normally for products of the same type.

KLU D•Sign Your Story products often have the characteristics of the materials used in their manufacture. These features, such as fibber variations, texture, knots and colour, cannot be considered defects or damage. To the contrary, you should expect these distinctive elements to exist and be uniqueness elements of the product. We select and test only the highest quality materials and certain characteristics of them cannot be avoided and must be accepted as part of the individual appearance of the product.

Conditions in which the warranty becomes inapplicable or void:

• moral wear and normal physical wear of the product;

• discoloration of the product or component parts following prolonged exposure to severe environmental factors (sun or other strong source of heat, humidity, rain, snow, etc.);

• deterioration of the product as a result of calamities (fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, etc.), accidents, arson or theft;

• defects caused by the transportation, handling and storage under improper conditions (excessive temperature and humidity, thermal shocks - variations of hot / cold factors, immersion, etc.);

• defects caused by the improper, abusive, incorrect, modified use of the product and/ or in improper conditions, other than those for which it was tested and designed;

• the intervention, repair or modification made by unauthorized persons, including painting the product;

• damage of the product caused, voluntarily or involuntarily, by mechanical shocks (breaking, hanging, hitting, scratching, etc.), pets, rodents and other pests;

• faulty maintenance (cleaning using inadequate methods or products).

The following are not considered manufacturing defects; therefore, they are not subject to the warranty:

• Clarino™’s vegan skin features: ribs, slight color differences, characteristic signs and irregularities;

• the natural skins can be treated with vegetable tannin and this can migrate and can easily colour the clothes they come in contact with. This can happen at the first wearings - and is not considered a defect; the stains on the clothes come out in a simple wash. The KLU D•Sign Your Story footwear is distinguished by the design of its unique prints. These design elements require a printing process. For printing - we use flexible inks that help achieve great results over time. Our products have been tested for long wear under various atmospheric conditions (heat, humidity, cold) and the test results have always exceeded our expectations in terms of durability of raw materials but also of prints. However - the potential migration of print colours from our products - highly unlikely - is not considered a flaw.

• small irregularities and imperfections of products or parts of products made by hand.


- It is absolutely forbidden to wash the shoes in the washing machine!

- KLU DESIGN INTL is not responsible for the defects arising as a result of the incorrect use or maintenance of the respective product, as well as for the discomfort resulting from wearing the wrong size shoes.

- After each wearing, the shoes are cleaned and placed on the appropriate lasts in size and format. In order to create hygienic conditions of wearing and long service life, it is recommended to wear 2-3 pairs of shoes over a period of time. It is forbidden to wash shoes with water. Do not use bleaches, detergents or solvents, enlargement, cleaning, waterproofing, alcohol, benzene, etc.

- Wet shoes dry slowly, at room temperature, away from direct contact with heat sources. Do not use drying on fan, radiator, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources. Usage in conditions of excessive moisture can make the skin from which the shoe is produced to suffer irreparable deformations.

- The shoe uppers will be protected of direct hits.

- Please avoid excessive heat which can lead to reactivation of adhesives and detaching of soles.

- The uppers and soles of the shoes must be protected from contact with solvents, tar, soft bitumen or other corrosive materials, non-slip or defrosting substances. Also please avoid clogging or tapping into sharp metal objects, glass debris, insecticides, oils and gases, diluents, etc., which can lead to damage or even destruction of the sole.

- In the case of shoes with soles with seams applied on the sole, KLU DESIGN INTL cannot be held responsible for defects arising from imperfections of the roads, sidewalks or lands where the shoes were used.

- The soles may not have non-slippery qualities, with the danger of slipping especially during the wet season.

- Please use a horn to avoid damaging the shoes in the heel area.

- In the case of footwear with natural or ecological leather lining - it has not been chemically treated excessively for pigment fixation (for the purpose of protecting the foot) and there is a risk of colour migration. We recommend wearing socks of similar or dark colour.

- For the maintenance of the linings of non-textile material, please clean with a damp soft cloth and avoid products that contain acetone, acids, alcohol or any other substances that have not been tested and recommended by KLU DESIGN INTL for that type of lining.

- The heels are more sensitive to wearing and can be deteriorated by driving cars, stepping into drain grates, glass chippings or soft bitumen on sidewalks, during the warm season.


Please note that regular wear or accidental destruction of products is not covered by this warranty certificate. Problems related to the chosen size are not considered to be manufacturing defects and are not covered by the warranty. The damage caused by exposure to adverse weather (water, mud), and the use of footwear for purposes other than the one for which it was designed are not covered. The warranty does not cover the use of footwear in playgrounds with sand or gravel, slides, or any other place where the activity may lead to product destruction.

All product descriptions, information and materials published at the points of sale, inside the packaging boxes of the footwear articles and / or on the website are provided "as is" and without explicit, implicit or other guarantees, with except for the cases provided by law. In this regard, if you conclude the Contract as a consumer or user, we undertake to deliver products that are in conformity with the Contract and to extend the liability for any non-compliance that exists at the time of delivery.

For any kind of problem, question or concern regarding the products and services of the KLU D•Sign Your Story Brand - please contact our Customer Care Department from Monday to Friday between 09:00 - 17:00 calling +40 (722) 39.78.39 or email:


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