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1. Our Story

Founded in 2018 – KLU® D•SIGN YOUR STORY has burgeoned to become a leader in lifestyle sneakers and urban casual design footwear. KLU® D•SIGN YOUR STORY - is a Registered Trademark - synonym with superior quality products crafted by high skilled Artisans with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing of footwear. Today, KLU stands as a brand of countrywide reputation with a product line that includes sneakers and urban casual footwear for that relaxed casual vibe.

2. Our Inspiration

At KLU we never stop inventing ways to serve a dose of color and creativity to our customers. What began as a love for unloading creativity to customize shoes is recognized today as a brand synonymous with graphics and color.

Shoes tell a story, because they are part of the life journey.  Shoes send a message that you may not even be remotely aware of. At KLU, our shoes tell the story of the persons not willing to be conformed to the norm.

Our products are the perfect blend of chic and artistry; pieces designed with unusual creativity and a play of colour, depending on the design and hues that motivates us at the time. We combine new technologies with the old age wisdom and techniques to create quality products.

We stay true to the philosophy by which we were founded; to offer our customers a remarkable combination of art and colour at a reasonable price.

Every innovation, every concept, every idea is intended to create a bespoke product. Our intention remains unchanged with each pair we manufacture; memorable joy through the design and quality of our products and services. 

3. Our Mission

To offer our fashion enthusiastic clients and partners, those who think outside of the box - “Memorable Joy” throuout the Design and Quality of our products and services. Our goal is to dominate the streets with a dash of patterns and beautiful colour palettes.

To accomplish this, we pledge to continue breaking the rules, striving to build upon our technological advances and pushing the limits on creativity.

4. Our Values

Our core values make us who we are. Global Mindset, Integrity and Ethics, Effective Communication and Passion are the compass that guide our operations day by day. They help us evolve and continually improve ourselves. Being part of KLU means being part of a community and a thriving heritage.

5. Our Name...

KLU is our mood.  It is the perfect description to our character; free spirits that don’t conform to the norms. We see things differently. We go with the flow of life. You design Your story and we design Your Shoes. If you are like us, then our urban casual footwear is Your perfect fit.


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