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Fashion is the only thing which has evolved more than we humans have. Whether it is the flat, dusty shoes of snow-white or the extravagant perfectly well-fitted heels of Cinderella, fashion in the shoe category has come a long way. The history of fashion has a long story to tell, but the category of shoes falls in every aspect of a men’s and women’s outfit. A ramp walk would be nothing if a designer dress wouldn’t go well with the perfect pair of shoes.

Shocker Alert:

The trend and fashion of high heels are very diverse and distinct in its very own manner. Would it be crazy if someone in a random article told you that heels were not meant to be worn by women in the first place? Yes, there are many reasons why fashion has elevated the standard of the good old heels for us but formerly Persian men from the 10th century were the reason why the blessing of heels was bestowed on us. Shocker, right? They were invented for men sitting in horseback so their feet would fit better in the stirrups.

The fashion, yet comfort:

We all want to rock our day or that specific event with our perfect pair of shoes. But what about the pain in your heel or sore toes after that day or event? Well, that is where you go wrong in picking your size or predicting how much length of the heel can your body weight adjust to. You don’t have to quit wearing what makes you look BOMB; you have to spend an extra minute in looking up for your size and VIOLA, you are good to rock it. Fashion is like a label or tag which most people across the world knows. We care about the need for people and bring trending style of shoes to life. Whether it is high heels, the laced-up sneakers or the tall boots, they all have improved their standing in the fashion industry over time. Our colors, designs, patterns, and uniqueness is what defines our taste and place in the era of wild fashion. A person has to have that feature of standing out to prove their individuality, and we respect the needs of everyone to fit in this stigmatized world. Our fashion describes your taste and the way we bring your wild thoughts into something you rock below your ankles.

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