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Your KLU Shoes walking like on Oxford Street

Your KLU Shoes walking like on Oxford Street

The elegance of a pair of shoes takes many forms and KLU shop offers you a series of models of this kind.

At KLU you will find the unmistakable derby shoes, in a style inspired by the street urban culture of London. The printed design of the shoes will win you over. Each model was created under a unique graphic concept, rendered by form and colour, representing geometric shapes, comic book characters, sketches, floral design, stylized animals, or repetitive patterns.

The prints are meant to bring good mood and confidence in the power of seduction for any modern and self-confident woman. Moreover, the shape of the shoe and the robust profile of the sole add elements of avant-garde urban design to the overall outfit.

Chic and nonconformism for active women

KLU shop derby shoes are an ideal option for active women, who usually travel in the city every day and walk quite a lot. At the same time, they will give you distinction when you enter any room, whether it is an office, a club, or a concert hall. These shoes will give your outfit that elegant artsy non-conformist note and will definitely take you out of anonymity.

Just as any detail in clothing says something about the woman wearing it, so KLU derby shoes will give you a London air and a chic look.

Always on trend

Our concern is to offer customers shoe models that meet the most varied design options. KLU shop is always focused to launch new models, in line with the latest trends. For the next season, we are already preparing models of boots with new versions of prints, which surprise with ingenuity and creativity. These were presented for the first time in a fashion show at the end of November, attended by well-known brands from the fashion industry, tailors, jewelers and other footwear and leather goods manufacturers. The KLU range also contains a series of sneakers, with equally attractive prints. In addition, KLU sneakers have a feature much loved by customers: the outer sole, not only it is adherent but it is also fragrant. It is such a pleasure to receive the order at home and when you open the package, to discover this wonderful secret of KLU shoes: the flagrant sole.

Comfort for your feet and resistance in use

The materials of KLU shoes are of the best quality, resisting to weather and humidity.

The exterior of the shoes is made of vegan leather from Clarino ™, an alternative to genuine leather, with similar strength and breathability properties, but with characteristics clearly superior to other artificial leathers. The rubber sole offers grip on the ground and the interior is made of premium Italian materials, which offers perfect comfort to the foot.

Last but not least, the resistance of the materials and the ingenious graphic prints have been steam tested at temperatures of +170 C and -20 C, respectively, without being affected.

Today, the choices for ​​shoe manufacturers are so varied that you can hardly say that the model you bought in the end is the best of all you could have chosen. But what you will find at KLU is something more, the certainty of an elegant and non-conformist urban design, which will give you distinction and will turn all eyes on you.

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About KLU shop

KLU® D • SIGN YOUR STORY is a brand of urban-casual shoes with a unique design, sold in 50 countries around the world. KLU shop design uses world-renowned materials and technologies, incorporating over 20 years of experience of highly skilled artisans in the manufacture of footwear.

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