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Do you have a KLU about your trendy travels?

Do you have a KLU about your trendy travels?


Do you know that special feeling you get when the bottoms of your shoes are telling you to go to the whole wide world? To discover new places, to live new adventures, to meet special people… Well, I, as a professional traveller, addicted to adrenaline and new realms I desperately miss to travel around. Every time!

So, after few months when I was wearing only trekking shoes and hiking boots climbing the mountains of my homeland, hear I am, ready to take my flight to a more distant destination: sunny Greece!

Splendid weather, the chosen places and islands are absolutely spectacular, the route and daily plans made are:

Mykonos, the one with the sunset caught in the windmills. Delos, the one full of history and ancient ruins at every step. Naxos, the one that hosts the mountain marble where Zeus was born, according to the myth…Paros, the one full of flowers with known and unknown names…Santorini, the one white and blue with white, red or black sand beaches, this legendary Atlantis…

All I need to do is prepare my luggage, I definitely want some absolutely unique outfits to stand out and highlight me in the dreaming landscapes which will be open before my eyes.


So, on the packing list I put some fluid skirts, signed by Romanian designers, which are very comfortable and instagramable. A few large, colourful and versatile scarves, which will be pareo, beach dress and headscarf or skirt – adapted to the occasion and daytime.

And a pair of urban casual shoes, which must be gorgeous. And comfortable for a long and good walk on the stone slabs of the alleys, to the beach and on the rocks.

I haven’t finished my list yet, when I immediately found the perfect pair, which I fell in love at the first sight: a pair of KLU shoes, designer shoes, personalized with a colorful print inspired by Cuba!  A pair of KLU shoes, I put my eyes on at the Romanian designers’ window corner initiated and hosted by YOKKO Store – simply perfect for my exotic travels! These shoes can also be easily ordered on Instagram @klushoponline or on the Facebook page of the brand - KLU Shop.

What do I always want from the outfits and accessories I choose carefully for holidays? To be different, to be original, and most importantly to bring colour, regardless of the season and weather; but also, a happy smile on my face and an admiring smile on the faces of those I’m going to meet.


And at KLU, it is about emotion in the first place. The women sees the original shoes and identifies themselves with the story in the print, with the emotions that printed art creation by KLU brings to everyone. KLU footwear are full of vibration, color and “story”.  The reason why their motto is “Design your story” and “Stand out of the crowd”.

I really feel myself very special, I stand out wearing my KLU shoes. The “cheerful” shades must be, but especially the original print of the piece of story on each shoe. Two shoes of the same pair have different pattern, together they compose a story: The story of the one who’s wearing them!

KLU is about Good Vibrations, Uniqueness and Trust. And good taste. All I have left to do is to fully enjoy this extended summer state that this trendy holiday in the Greek islands brings me. Pure happiness!

And you? Do you have any KLU about your trendy travels?!

- By Ileana Petrache, blogger “Get my look, get inspired”



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