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5 O’Clock Tea – At a meeting in the city, wearing KLU shoes

5 O’Clock Tea – At a meeting in the city, wearing KLU shoes

Elegance that combines the English derby style with a design that goes beyond the imagination

KLU shoes are specially designed for active afternoons in the city or when traveling. That’s when you need an outfit that is chic, but at the same time, practical and durable. What would it be like to have a pair of shoes that combine all these things?

Every woman wants to stand out. Shoes, whether we want to admit it or not, play an extremely important role in the overall look we present ourselves in the society. Most often we choose to buy street shoes that can withstand long walking distances, which we cover daily. Clara, our stylist collaborator, told us that the world needs it now, maybe more than ever, to focus on design as well. "Shoes can reveal at the first glance essential things about the personality of a person," she says.

Expressive KLU Design

Walking on the street’s downtown city, shopping for souvenirs at boutiques, or rushing on the way to a meeting, aren't the shoes you wear a good travel partner? The expressiveness of the KLU design, the distinct, English style with derby profile and the robustness of the sole give you the strength, and at the same time, an exuberant and tonic mood.

If you take your KLU shoes to wear, you will see that each model of the collection tells a visual story. For example, the design of the Graffiti Screen derby could be the image of a lively and cheerful street, in the middle of a cosmopolitan city. That could be the city that you have visited or in which you may be living.

Street decoration, plants and trees, funny faces, and a vibrant atmosphere. These are just a few impressions, but the KLU shoes could suggest much more to you. The shoes printed design arouses your imagination and lets it wander freely, always in an area of comfort and well being, and with an expressive way.

KLU Derby Shoes

“Greetings! How do you do?”

The shape of the shoe, you will see that it is not ordinary. "Somehow you have to stand out from the crowd and when your shoes look a little different, they can give you that Je ne sais quoi, that makes you feel good and confident," said Clara, stylist at KLU shop. "I like to imagine myself somewhere on the streets of London. KLU shoes bring me the English air, but always fashionable, in the style of "5 O'Clock Tea". You know that moment when you're sitting at the table for a mundane talk with your best friend, in front of a cup of tea and a chocolate bar with mint, next to it. Or maybe having a meeting with a business partner for your latest project. The distinction and creativity of the KLU shoes give you the energy, but also can save the situation when you may not be in your best shape. A remarkable shoe works wonders", she added.

British look and exceptional quality

The British look of KLU shoes will turn all eyes on you. The rounded and convex top and the contour sewing are suitable for an elegant and bold outfit.

In addition, the quality of the materials they are made of, the robust sole and the vegan leather manufactured according to Japanese technology, patented by Clarino – Man-Made Leather, will offer you the guarantee of an exceptional product. KLU shoes will support you on any urban travel and activity. If you want to find out more about the KLU shoes collection, take a moment and visit to choose the design that suits your personality the best.

KLU Derby Shoes

About KLU shop

KLU® D•SIGN YOUR STORY is a brand of urban-casual shoes with a unique design, sold in 50 countries around the world. KLU® D•SIGN YOUR STORY design uses world-renowned materials and technologies, incorporating over 20 years of experience of highly skilled artisans in the manufacture of footwear.


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